Get Yin Na’s book: “Tea Art of China”  on paperback and Kindle.

Tea Art of China contains information on tea legends, tea ceremonies, tea growing regions, tea tourism, tea selection, and brewing all varieties of tea.  Yin Na also shares from her personal experience with tea, and how the tea ceremony helped her find her more beautiful self.

Yin Na is a leading tea expert in China. She grew up in the tea-rich land of Chongqing, and is certified at the highest-level of Tea Art Specialist.  It is Yin Na’s wish to share her knowledge and love for tea with the world. In her book Tea Art of China, Yin Na illuminates the traditional culture of tea in China, and gives practical advise on selecting, brewing, and enjoying the perfect cup of tea. The paperback edition is 130 pages with color photos.

Tea Art of China Kindle Edition

Yin Na Introduces Tea Basics